4A Maadi Stars Towers, Corniche El-Nil , Maadi 11431, Cairo, Egypt

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URANIUM is a professional and specialized Information and Communication Technology Service Provider that was founded based on a true awareness of its mission. URANIUM sets an eye on its business objectives while the other eye is set on its customers’ business objectives, orchestrating both in harmony and in a true sense of partnership that determines the type of relationships between URANIUM and its clients.
URANIUM promises to go over and beyond​ to serve its customers. Here at Uranium, we focus on our technical expertise along with cherishing the commitments we have with our clients. We aim to introduce the vision of business-driven IT solutions and service-oriented architecture and the how-to utilize and enhance the IT services to serve our customers’ ultimate business vision and strategy. 

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Providing exceptional service with a dynamic, innovative and intelligent approach depending on the latest technologies available from our partners; to top the summit of development area and support of its solutions with an absolute commitment to our duties and raise our efficiency in a sustainable way which amounts to the aspirations of our customers.

To lead the IT field in Middle East and Africa by providing services with the highest international quality Standard in order to develop the business society through strong entity in which we are proud of being part of it, and create a healthy environment that invest in continuous innovation and development to enhance the power of human and capital resources.

  • Achieve profitability rates to achieve the company's expansions.
  • Create a work environment that ensures the development of innovative team skills.
  • Develop team skills.
  • Encourage and motivate the team to enhance and develop their skills and professionalism.
  • Being the trusted advisor for our customer.
  • Being the most valuable partner to the Global technology leaders.
  • To be the first choice for businesses in targeted markets – MENA and Africa regions.
  • To be involved in social development and assume the collective responsibility through:
    • Direct contributions in volunteering work to support and develop the individual in the community or,
    • Indirectly, by working to support development programs and raise the technological awareness in the community.