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URANIUM Multidimensional Support (UMS) is a program running through an annual contract to help our customers improve and enhance their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services level and ensure that the ICT Operations are running equivalently to or even ahead of business approved baseline services’ levels.
UMS provides you with:

  • Direct access to a group of services and technical expertise that you need to help maximize the gain from your ICT infrastructure and minimize its total running cost at the same time.

  • Advice and guidance to prevent problems’ occurrences and helps to answer your complex queries on running digital services in your specific environment at the same time support you in resolving issues promptly as they arise.

Why UMS?
A combination of mixed services designed specifically for your environment’s needs.
Totally unique when compared to what the other competition offer to the market.
This specially designed, and new to the market service, shows that we are distinctively qualified to understand the strategic direction of your needs, providing the solution that best serves them, and thus, giving you the highest value to your money.
UMS Service Model

  1. Analyze your business: Understand your business strategy, company goals, and analyze your business needs.

  2. Design the solution: Accordingly, design the suitable solution for these needs giving you an extraordinary ROI of your ICT as expressed by our customers.

  3. Implement the complete solution: Start on a strict timeline to implement the agreed solution.

  4. Proactively maintain the system: Proactively monitor the solution to anticipate any upcoming issues.

  5. 24/7/365 response to your support requests: We always got your back.

  6. Periodically evaluate the solution to reflect your business needs: Along the way, there is always a continuous improvement cycle to ensure that we are always adhering to emerging business needs.

Our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your running services and achievement of the maximum business returns from the infrastructure you own and run, and from the level of service, you receive from URANIUM, as we always keep an eye on your feedback to make sure we are delivering to meet your expectations.