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​Whether it is a SMEs or Large corporate, Cloud computing offers substantial benefits to any business by cutting costs in using the resources of the CSP – Cloud Service Provider, rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment.

Public Cloud

It is a computing service model used for cloud storage and computational services to the general public over the internet. Moreover, it grants accessing the IT resources on a “pay-as-you-go” billing model.
Why Public Cloud:

  • Pay-as-you-use model and reduce costs.

  • No maintenance burden as the service provider provides the maintenance.

  • Get high scalability & reliability as you get on-demand resources to meet your business needs.

  • A vast network of servers to guard against failure

  • Public clouds can also be deployed faster than on-premises infrastructures and with an almost infinitely scalable platform.

  • Every employee of a company can use the same application from any office or branch using their device of choice as long as they can access the Internet. 


Private Cloud

Private cloud hosting is dedicated to a single organization and involves hardware, storage, and network. As hardware is dedicated, fully private clouds are not delivered through a utility model or pay-as-you-go basis.
Virtual Private Clouds provide the same pay-as-you-go model as public clouds, with the added bonus of specifically provisioned hardware, network and storage configurations. Private clouds, including Virtual non-public Clouds, are typically most popular by middle and large size enterprises as a result of they meet the safety and compliance necessities of those larger organizations and their customers.
Why Private Cloud:

  • You get more flexibility as your organization can customize its cloud environment to meet specific business needs.

  • Improved security is one of the biggest pros. A private cloud does not allow resource sharing thus offering higher levels of control and security.

  • You get high scalability and efficiency like a public cloud.​


Virtualization Platforms helps you in:

  • Getting the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications.

  • Ideal foundation for any cloud environment.

  • Operations Management takes virtualization to the next level with intelligent operations management.

  • Provides you with better insights, resulting in improved performance and availability.

(VMware vSphere, VMware vRealize, Microsoft Hyper-V).